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wheelchair under seat bag

We designed and manufactured the first Catch-All a Wheelchair Under Seat Mesh Cargo Net for easy storage under the wheelchair seat for almost 30 years ago. It has been one of the most popular items in our product line of Wheelchair Bags and Carrying Solutions. Many of our customers have sent us photos of their small dog or cat using it as their spot to hang out and wheel with their master. 

Since our first Catch-All we have added 3 more products to accommodate Rigid Frame Sportschairs without the attachment bars used with the Original Catch-All. We have also added the Wallaby series with an added easy to access zipper pouch. 

Many of our customers have informed us it helps to keep their wheelchair from tipping when it's loaded. It is the best place to store items keeping them secure. We suggest using a protective bag when using in inclement weather.